Spotlight on Midwives

Our midwives make up our community and are keepers of the culture of gentle birth. Meet a few of our amazing midwives here.

Laker Christine

Christine Laker is the Director of Midwifery at Mother Health Internationals clinic in Northern Uganda. Christine was born and raised in Northern Uganda. Christine has worked as a midwife at MHI for the last 10 years and has been instrumental in developing and maintaining the culture of compassionate collaborative care that is responsible for good outcomes. In addition to clinical direction, Christine is responsible for coordination of CHWs in Mobile Outreach clinics and developing curricula for innovative education that the MHI offers. Christine is a shining example of how one midwife can impact a rural context.

Traditional Midwives:

This dynamic trio are the MHI Traditional Midwives in Residence. For the past ten years they are on call and on site at the birth center to support families through prenatal, labor and delivery and postpartum care.

Akwero Catherine

Acan Korina

Abol Kelementina

Make an Impact

In thirteen years of service, MHI has scaled in Atiak sub-county, providing full-spectrum reproductive healthcare to 90% of the women in the region and turning perinatal mortality rates upside down.

While the neonatal mortality rate is 54/1000 births in Northern Uganda, it has consistently been 11/1000 at the MHI birth center in Atiak.

In close to 20,000 deliveries MHI has never lost a mother.

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Mother Health International is committed to improving birth outcomes in areas where the burden of mortality is highest. Reproductive Healthcare is a human right. Mothers have the right to not only survive childbirth but thrive.

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