Uganda Birth House

Ot Nywal Me Kuc (House of Birth and Peace, pronounced “Oat New-Wal Mee Kooch”) is a sustainable, solar powered birth house located in Atiak, Northern Uganda. IMG_4788

We are 20 miles south of the border from South Sudan. The closest hospital is 75k away.

We are a government approved health center that works collaboratively with traditional midwives, nurse midwives and trains local student midwives.


In Northern Uganda, a woman has a 1/25 lifetime chance of dying during childbirth.

Since 2008, our birth house has never lost a mother.

We have an infant mortality rate of 11/1000, compared to the national average of 62/1000. 

We do this through comprehensive, individualized, midwifery model of care services.


An average of 45 women give birth each month at the clinic, and many come weekly for antenatal care.

Hands on, community justice focused Maternal Healthcare equals good outcomes.

Our model addresses the ‘three delays’ to accessing care. Our ‘Mobile Midwives’ program sends midwives into rural villages every week to serve women who cannot reach us by foot, picks women up in labor and drops them off post partum. We are the only clinic in the region that offers emergency transport.


Want to know more?

Listen to this documentary on the birth of our clinic in Uganda

Support the birth clinic and shop our online market of handmade items HERE.

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  2. Otim Tom Charles Reply

    It is a very good innovation in this part or Africa where maternal health systems are weak and there is no systemic arrangements to address the known weak systems. We shall arrange and send our students to learn there.

    Thank you

    Otim Tom C
    Dean faculty of health Sciences,
    Lira University

  3. Komakech Denis Reply

    I am pleased to note that this clinic is in northern Uganda, as i was searching for possible support for Concerned Action for Health a CBO in Gulu Palaro i came across Gould foundation and went through their grantees and seen Ot Nwyal Me kuc. This is great keep it up.

    I would love to kindly request for possible support in terms of networking plus funding. CAFH carries on the same program with emphasis on Adolescent Reproductive Health, and providing trainings to Traditional Birth Referral Assistants.


    Komakech Denis

  4. Ron Burdock Reply

    Hi There,
    I am from Canada and working with a Maternal Clinic in Pader.
    I would love to learn more about your work in case you can help us.
    Who can I contact about your work?


  5. Beth DeFrance Reply

    I am wanting to visit Mother Health International, while I am in Uganda, I will be traveling with another Ugandan and another American.

    I would like to develop a travel plan to your site. Please advise us how to find your facility. Is there a place to stay nearby?

    We are excited to see your facility, as we hear it is a good model, and we are building a birth center in the south and are happy to look at other models.

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