The Mother Health International birth clinic in Uganda is a safe place for mothers and babies. Join us in achieving good outcomes!

40333_130492300328447_5562766_nIn a country where infant mortality is 44/1000, our clinic has a rate of 11/1000. One way that we do this is through offering rides to the clinic for women in labor, and transport services for emergency situations. Ambulance services cost around $1,000 USD per month to sustain. In true village style, we are looking for 500 donors to commit $2 each month. Will you sustain our ambulance and become a $2 a donor today?

Our goal: 500 monthly $2 donors to sustain our ambulance services.

In rural villages many women give birth alongside the road while walking to seek help. They risk their own lives and the lives of their babies when this happens. Additionally, many women must walk miles home after their child is born, risking hemorrhaging to death on the way. An ambulance is one of the most important tools we can use to ensure good outcomes. With a working ambulance, we pick women up in labor, bring them to our clinics, and drive them home post-partum, eliminating several risk factors and saving lives. The ambulance is integral to fistula prevention, as no mother in our area must wait for days on end without help in the case of true obstructed labor.  The ambulance is always standing by to bring women to the hospital should they need emergency surgery. At our clinic in Atiak, Uganda, the nearest hospital is 3 hours away on a very bumpy road. In 2015, we picked up 1127 women in labor, drove 1047 women home, made 26 emergency trips to the hospital and made 120 ‘village outreach’ prenatal visits. We also implemented a brand new post partum outreach service.

In December of 2014 the Segal Family Foundation, along with many generous donors donated us a new ambulance. We want to see this ambulance live a long and mechanically sound life. In order to do this we must have regular maintenance as well as pay for fuel to keep up with our ever growing population of mothers served.

“ If the midwives had not reached me by ambulance when I had my 9th baby at home, I am sure I would have bled to death right there. We are deep in the bush and my bleeding was not stopping. My husband called the labor line for help. Seeing Corina (midwife) arrive into my compound with medicine was like seeing an angel arrive. I wasn’t sure in my state that she was real! But now I know she is very real! My family thanks her and this clinic every day” – Adong, Grace, Mother of 9!

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