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Mother Health International (MHI) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to respond and provide relief to pregnant women and children in areas of disaster, war and extreme economic poverty. We are committed to reducing maternal, infant and child mortality rates by creating culturally competent and sustainable birth centers using the midwifery model of care. We currently work with midwives in areas where the burden of perinatal mortality is extremely high. In each country we have clinics staffed by traditional midwives who work side by side with local nurse midwives and visiting ‘resident’ midwives from around the world.


Earth Birth Centers are country-specific, locally sustained maternity and resource centers staffed by local midwives. Mother Health International helps to physically build structures, develop culturally competent protocols, and support traditional midwives.


Creating spaces where women can access comprehensive care and also join in community restoration efforts is intrinsic to our mission. Our outcomes make it clear that our model works to reduce maternal and infant mortality.

Simultaneously, we combat the violence and trauma that women often experience giving birth in overcrowded and understaffed

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  1. Bethany Bailey Reply

    Aloha, hope you are enjoying your day. I am looking for an established and successful nonprofit to file under for a nonprofit birth center for Anahola, Kauai. The only birthing center here shut down a few years ago and there is a high demand for another. A lot of people are not getting sufficient health care.
    If this interests you or maybe anyone you know, we are looking forward to creating strong relations in the community.

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