Mama Baby Task Force

MHI has created a Mama Baby Task Force to address disparities in perinatal mortality facing women of color. While our scope is global, our offices are based in Charlottesville, VA where black women and babies die at disproportionate rates to white mothers and babies.

Mother Health International launched The Sisters Keeper Collective to reduce racial disparities in health outcomes.

African- American women are three to six times more likely to have a pregnancy-related death than white women.

Black babies are three times as likely to be born: too soon, too small, too sick to survive.

Women of color are disproportionately affected by poor outcomes and lack of access to quality care.


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Our Community-based doula program is changing this. We identify leaders from communities that experience significant health disparities, train them as doulas, and provide free doula services to women who need them most.

Sisters Keeper Doulas help mothers access quality prenatal care, provide childbirth and nutritional education and support, provide hands on support and advocacy throughout labor and delivery, post partum and lactation support.

What is doula training?

Community Doula Training is an intensive 29-hour (3.5 days) prenatal, labor and postpartum training course. Topics include: The history and roles of doulas, signs and symptoms of pregnancy, labor and birth, birth justice, perinatal comfort measures, reproductive anatomy, medical terminology, the role of the community, physiology of labor and birth, cultural awareness, breastfeeding support, infant care, postpartum support, bonding and family integration, infant mortality reduction, and entrepreneurial skills.


For more information visit the Sisters Keeper site or contact us here!

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