Your contribution goes directly to the everyday needs of our birth centers and ambulances. Mother Health International, Inc. is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, EIN 27-3165657.  Mother Health International, Inc. is a registered non-profit in the Commonwealth of a recurring donor!In a country where infant mortality is 64/1000, our clinic has a rate of 11/1000.

One way that we do this is through offering rides to the clinic for women in labor, and transport services for emergency situations. Ambulance services cost around $1,000 USD per month to sustain.

In true village style, we are looking for 500 donors to commit a minimum of $5 each month.

Will you sustain our ambulance and become a recurring a donor today?

When you type in your donation amount, click the box that says ‘make this a recurring (monthly) donation’.

Mail: Make checks payable to Mother Health International, Inc. and mail to 8004 Trevor Place, Vienna, VA 22182.

Wire Transfers: Please email for wire transfer instructions.

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Supplies: While a cash donation is the most effective way to help our centers, we do take in kind donations of supplies. Please mail your supplies to Mother Health International, Inc. 8004 Trevor Place, Vienna, VA 22182.

Supplies that are always needed are:

  • Gloves (sterile and non sterile)
  • Delees Raspberry and nettle herbs
  • Vitamin C
  • Cloth diapers & Diaper covers
  • Yunnan Baiyao
  • Homeopathics We can always use more of: arnica, chamomilla, antimonium, aconitum, pulsatilla, cimicifuga, calouphylum, carbo veg, sepia, secale, lycopodium,  gelsemium etc.
  • Ambu bags for infants
  • Good surgical scissors
  • Fetoscopes (fetal stethoscope)
  • Blood pressure cuffs and stethoscopes
  • Good headlamps and lots of batteries
  • Small zip lock bags for giving out vitamins
  • Twin sized cotton sheets
  • Water proof single mattress and pillow-case covers
  • Cotton Baby blankets and hats
  • Cotton Baby clothes

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