Heart Strings: Lessons in Being With Women

Two years ago the UNFPA issued a State of the World’s Midwifery report that called for investment in trained midwives as the single most important response to the global crisis in maternal health.   “Every year approximately 350,000 women die while pregnant or giving birth — almost 1,000 a day,” states the report. “Of these women, 99 percent die in developing countries”. The World Health Organization reports estimate that close to 80% of babies born in these rural areas are received into the hands of traditional midwives; women who practice midwifery as it has…Read more

Where Do We Go From Here? Reflections On Training Midwives

Over the last year many questions have been raised surrounding the public outrage over Midwife International and the training of Western midwives overseas. As Mother Health International was involved both as a partner with Midwife International and ultimately in the organizing of the Ethical Midwifery site and project, we have noticed interesting reactions to the act of many folks standing together to speak out publicly about oppressive and destructive methods in the training of Western and mostly white students. First, many people have criticized our method and used it as a means to…Read more

It takes a village: 500 donors, $2 each and our ambulance will be sustained.

The Mother Health International birth clinic in Uganda is a safe place for mothers and babies. Join us in achieving good outcomes! In a country where infant mortality is 44/1000, our clinic has a rate of 11/1000. One way that we do this is through offering rides to the clinic for women in labor, and transport services for emergency situations. Ambulance services cost around $1,000 USD per month to sustain. In true village style, we are looking for 500 donors to commit $2 each month. Will you sustain our ambulance and become a…Read more
Welcome Eugenia!

Welcome Eugenia!

In July, Eugenia Criss, joined our Uganda team for a two year position as co-manager and midwifery apprentice. In November, Eugenia and MHI director, Rachel Zaslow, sat next to one another by chance on an airplane, and it was clear they had work to do together. Eugenia had a life long wish to be a midwife, and a lifetime of experience in human resources management.  We are so honored to have been able to offer Eugenia our first woman of color scholarship and work exchange to be able to help her fulfill her…Read more